Why Do Golfers Wear Gloves?

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Wearing golf golf gloves during your round is not a requirement, but it is very common, and recommended for most players. When should you wear a golf glove?  The best time to start wearing a golf glove is anytime you think you can improve your grip.

The biggest reason golfers wear gloves is because of the improved grip on the club. The material golf gloves are made out of is  much tackier than your skin, thus provide for a much greater grasp on the club’s grip.

Depending on how hard your grip is on the club, you might find gloves to be extremely helpful. For example, players with looser grips will experience the benefit of gloves more than someone who has a more firm grip.  This is because with a loose grip, the club may move during your swing.  With the addition of a golf glove, your grip will keep the club much straighter. 

Gloves are also more beneficial when it comes to playing in various weather.  Since golf is a warm weather sport, we tend to sweat when we play.  As our hands perspire, we are not able to effectively handle a club, resulting in the grip slipping and turning during our swing.  

Improved Grip In Rain or Cold Weather

In addition to providing improved grip during those hot, summer rounds, golf gloves help when you might play in the rain or when its colder. Like mentioned before, golf gloves are far more tacky than our skin, so in the rain, they do a much better job at gripping the club.  Rain specific gloves are water resistant, so water will not soak into the gloves while you are playing in inclement weather.

When it gets cold, it makes it harder to grip your club.  For colder playing conditions, “winter” golf gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and dry. this will help your hands from getting too stiff from the cold, thus allowing you to maintain a much better grip. 

Both rain and cold weather golf gloves are sold in pairs. 

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Blister Prevention

Gloves are also worn to help prevent blisters from forming on your hand. Usually, when you grip the club too tight, blisters will form due to the repeated swinging action and friction of skin and the grip. While gloves alone may not prevent blisters, players my use tape on their hands where callouses or blisters are forming. 

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What Hand Do Golfers Wear Gloves On?

Golf gloves are worn on a player’s lead hand. The lead hand is the hand that is on the top of the club in your grip.  So for a right handed players, you will wear a glove on your left hand. For left handed players, it is the opposite. 

Why Do Golfers Only Wear One Glove?

Golfers only wear one glove on their lead hand because that hand has the most effect on their swing and the club. The lead hand of your grip needs to keep the club from moving during your swing, so wearing a glove on this hand allows for more consistency. 

Why Not Wear Two Gloves?

Despite the fact most golfers either wear one or no gloves, there are player out there who may need to use gloves on both hands. The most common reason for utilizing two gloves is because your grip the club too hard. So, wearing two gloves will help keep your hands healthy. 

Another reason for wanting to wear two gloves is because you have constantly sweaty hands.  Having two gloves will help keep your grip dry.  Players may also use two gloves if playing in bad enough rain or very cold conditions. 

Benefits of Golf Gloves

Some of the benefits of using golf grips include improved grip, especially when playing in wet or cold conditions,  and helping in the prevention of callouses and blisters. Overall, golf gloves are one of the easiest ways to improve your swing if you are not already using them.  For the cost of a new glove, you will see an amazing ROI based on your improved swing ability. This will hopefully lead to a lower score your next time out.  

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Why Do Golfers Wear Gloves
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