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Looking for a driver to help you improve your distance off the tee?  Need a club designed for better forgiveness for those not so perfect shots? Today we will discuss and review some of the best drivers for 2020 to help you make a more informed buying decision based on your needs. 

The current trends in drivers are tailored towards big faced, light, adjustable drivers with improved forgiveness and lowers ball spin. This allows most golfers to have their cake and eat it too. 

The modern driver that combines all these aspects help players improve their distance by having a more accurate drive every time they tee off.

We understand not every golfer needs the best club on the market. But on the other side of the coin, maybe you’re the type of player who requires 100% customization in your driver. 

Driver Adjustable Technology Head Size & Design Price
Taylor Made M4Yes Geocoustic 460cc - Twist FaceCheck Prices
Cobra King F8Yes CNC Milled Face 460cc - 360 AeroCheck Prices
Titleist TS2Yes Speed Chasis460cc - Ultra Thin Titanium Check Prices
Ping G400 MaxYesDragonfly460cc - TS9+Check Prices
Wilson Staff C300Yes Power Hole 460cc Speeder 58Check Prices
Callaway GBB Epic StarYes Jailbreak 460cc - Ultra Light Exo CageCheck Prices
Cleveland Launcher HBNoFlex-Fin460cc - HiBoreCheck Prices
Callaway Rogue Yes Jailbreak460cc - Triaxial CarbonCheck Prices

The clubs we will be reviewing are on the full spectrum as far as cost, customization, forgiveness, and design. So whether you are a seasoned veteran, beginner, or high handicap golfer, there are plenty of drivers to help improve your game in 2020. 

Taylor Made M4 Driver Review

TaylorMade M4 Driver Review - One Stroke Golf

The Taylor Made M4 driver was made for the purpose of “Straight Distance and Ultimate Forgiveness” with its Twist Face design.  The M4 head comes in a variety of lofts including 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees.

Utilizing Geocoustic technology, the M4 offers players a more advanced sole shape to not only deliver a more solid sound, but great feel. The recessed contour helps provide a 67% larger club face sweet spot.

Taylor Made M4 Driver Shaft

The stock shaft of the M4 Driver is a FUJIKURA ATMOS RED 5, available in S (Stiff), R (Regular), and A (Senior) flexes. The stock grip is a standard Golf Pride Dual Feel in grey and black.

Taylor Made M4 Driver Twist Face

Twist Face was designed to help golfers achieve a further and straighter shot off the tee.  What is Twist Face?

Twist Face is a difference in club face curvature which is designed to correct off center hits to reduce side spin speed, and create straighter shots.

This helps improve forgiveness off the tee by reducing the side spin of a ball that may have not been hit on the clubs sweet spot.  The curvature of the Twist Face offers players more accuracy when not hitting the perfect shot.

Taylor Made M4 Driver Hammerhead Slot

The M4 comes equipped with Taylor Made’s new Hammerhead slot.  The Hammerhead slot helps create a much larger sweet spot than previous drivers came with. This helps produce greater ball velocity off the tee, but increases distance and is more forgiving.

The outer edges of the club face are reinforced to help reduce face weight and create more flexibility. The center of the face or slot helps increase ball speed on low-face strikes along with cutting the amount of sideways spin.  The result of this is a much more powerful driver with increased forgiveness.

Taylor Made M4 Features & Specs

  • Geocoustic technology to deliver a more solid sound and feel when teeing off
  • 67% larger club face sweet thanks to a recessed soul contour
  • Hammerhead Slot to create a much larger sweet spot and help reduce unwanted spin
  • Twist Face technology provides a corrective face angle to help off-center hits – this creates remarkable forgiveness and improved accuracy when needed
  • 41g back weight for more forgiveness and towering ball flight

Overall Impressions of the Taylor Made M4 Driver:

The Taylor Made M4 driver packs a punch and is a great club for the player who may not be 100% perfect off the tee as far as accuracy and distance goes.

The M4 is a very forgiving driver, and its Twist Face design helps correct a shot that might not have hit the sweet spot of the face.  The curvature of the face allows for more forgiveness and helps reduce the amount of side spin off the club.

With its Geocoustic technology, you will not only have a much larger club face sweet spot, but you will experience an explosive sound upon impact.

Overall, the TaylorMade M4 is a great club for the golfer who needs less help with inconsistent drives, but the assistance is there when called upon.

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Cobra King F8 Driver Review

Cobra King F8 Driver Review

The Cobra King F8 Driver features an oversized,  sleek grey and black design utilizing carbon fiber and titanium.  This may quite possibly be the best looking Cobra driver ever made. Compared to other drivers on the market, the F8 is on the lower end of the price range.

According to Cobra, the King F8 was designed with the 5 to 25 handicap golfers who have a moderate to higher swing speed in mind. With its oversized design, the F8 is more forgiving, allowing players to improve their distance on not so perfect hits.

Cobra King F8 CNC Milled Face

The Cobra King F8 driver features the first CNC precision milled forged titanium face that is “thinner, hotter, and more precise”.  Compared to hand polished driver faces, this allows for a 10% lighter face. This lighter face helps with  increasing ball deflection and speeds.  

The CNC finish has a multi-direction pattern, which is not only more visually appealing, but accentuates the sweet spot of the face.

During the design phase of the F8, Cobra conducted research to better understand how golfers hit their drivers. The result of the study was that 99% of players hit the face of drivers in an elliptical pattern. So based off this, the face of the F8 is designed to create a fatter sweet spot away from the center of the face.

Cobra claims the CNC milled face of the King F8 will produce greater ball speeds across the face. Speed increases range from 1.2 – 1.6 mph.

Cobra King F8 360 Areo

In addition to the unique CNC milled face, the King F8  is designed with Cobra’s 360 AERO design. 360 AERO features an innovative crown and sole of the club to further optimize the aerodynamic performance of the driver.

This helps for creating less drag  through your swing which in turn creates faster club head speeds, resulting in increased distance off the tee.

The 360 AERO design utilizes polymer crown trips that are 90% lighter than titanium. The sole of the club however has titanium trips, which helps increase durability.

Cobra King F8 Dual Adjustable GC Settings

The King F8 features back and heel GC settings, which helps players fine tune the club.  This helps improve ball trajectory and spin which will maximize distance.

The back weight setting helps promote higher and more towering ball flight. The heel weight settings promote lower launch angles with an increased draw.

In addition to the two adjustable GC settings, the King F8 comes equipped with MYFLY 8.  This features 8 easily adjustable loft settings to further fine tune the clubs trajectory. By increasing or decreasing the loft, you will be able to adjust the launch angle by +/- .5 degrees.

Cobra King F8 Driver Features & Specs

The Cobra King F8 driver is certainly an interesting club packed with a ton of features.

  • Oversized profile to promote increased drive forgiveness
  • CNC milled face for weight reduction over hand polished faces
  • 360 Areo design to allow increased air flow around the entire face of the head. This decreases in drag which increases club head speed and ball distance
  • Sleek carbon and titanium design
  • Back and heel adjustable weights
  • MYFLY 8 adjustable loft settings for managing ball trajectory

Overall Impressions:

The F8,  in my opinion one of the nicer looking clubs on the market.  The unique CNC milled face is certainly a nice feature, along with the 360 AERO design helps make this a very visually appealing driver.  While looks won’t help your game, the Cobra King F8 certainly performs as good as it looks.

While this club was designed with the faster swinging player in mind, the high launch off the driver will be a help for slower swingers as well.

The cobra King F8 is a great club for the golfer who would not have a perfect drive every time they tee off.  The oversized head and unique face design are much more forgiving than other drivers.

Based on what the F8 costs and its ability to band aid imperfect drives, this driver would be perfect for the best driver for a beginner or budget minded high handicapped player who is looking for a great all around club.

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Titlest TS2 Review

Titleist TS2 Driver Review - One Stroke Golf

Titleist’s TS2 driver was designed for explosive distance across its entire face with the objective of maximum speed. The TS stands for Titleist Speed, and Titleist spent two years designing the TS line of drivers. They believe the end result in the TS2 is a driver that has the best speed characteristics of any on the market. 

Titleist’s TS drivers are designed using a newer, more streamlined shape which was refined to help increase both club head speed and ball distance. The updated shape helps decrease drag during your swing to provide the cleanest impact possible.

The head of the TS2 is 460cc and the face is 0.35mm thinner than previous Titleist drivers. This helps the TS2 save 6g in club head weight,

Titleist TS2 Shafts

Titleist TS2 driver comes equipped with four shaft options. Each shaft offers their own unique performance advantage depending on your swing style.

Shaft Options For The Titleist TS2 Driver:

  • Kurokage Black Dual Core 50
  • Tensei Series Blue 55
  • Hzrdus Smoke 60
  • Even Flow T1100 White 65

All of the four shafts allow players to better fine tune their TS2 driver based on their swing characteristics. Each model has their own unique properties, and based on your swing this is a great feature for the TS2.  The biggest areas these shafts excel in is helping achieve your preferred launch while being lightweight.

Combined with the greatly improved aerodynamics of the head and lightweight shafts. the TS2 is one of the fastest drivers on the market.

Titleist TS2 Driver Features & Specs

  • Single sole weight for better launch
  • Ultra thin titanium crown
  • Thinner face for increased ball speeds and forgiveness
  • Four Shaft options – This allows you to better fine tune the driver for your swing
  • 460cc head 

Overall Impressions:

Personally, based on my more aggressive swing style, the TS2 would be one of my top choices. The biggest thing about the TS2 is that it is designed for the player who likes to get a good rip in the tee box.

Similar to the PING G400 Max driver, the Titleist TS2, is a club designed for the player who needs less forgiveness with their drive. While less forgiving than other drivers available, the TS2 does a great job at reducing the effect of a not so optimally hit ball, so the forgiveness is there when you need it.

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Ping G400 Max Driver Review

Ping G400 Max Driver Review - One Stroke Golf

The goal of the Ping G400 Max was to help players who are looking to improve their distance through  stability and forgiveness. They certainly delivered.

The G400 Max features a large 460cc head with a deeper profile that utilizes their Dragonfly Technology. This enables a thinner crown and helps position the GC low for maximizing MOI. The crown of the head is textured, which creates a very nice looking club.  The Dragonfly Technology utilizes a tungsten sole weight to help keep weight where it should be.

Although the head is larger than other G400 models, the G400 Max utilizes bolder Turbulators and VorTec Technology to better reduce drag by  up to 15%.  This helps increase club head speed, stability,  and promotes greater distance off the tee.

PING G400 Max Driver Shafts

Ping is a firm believer in optimizing ball launch angle and spin rates. This is done by utilizing proper shaft selection of loft and flex based on your swing.

The Ping G400 max has 7 shaft options.  Each shaft provides players with a variety of club feels based on their playing style.  Every shaft comes in different weight configurations depending on flexibility type.

Shaft Options for PING G400 Max Driver:

  • Ping Alta CB 55
  • Ping Tour 65
  • Alta Distanza
  • Ping Tour 75
  • Aldila X-Torsion Copper
  • Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core TiNi
  • Project X HZRDUS Yellow

In addition to the seven grip options, the G400 Max has two grip offerings. Both grips are available in a 6 different diameters and are Ping color coded.

  • Golf Pride 360 Velvet
  • Golf Pride 360 Velvet Cord

PING G400 Max Features & Specs

  • 460cc head with 9 or 10.5 degree loft and 206g head weight
  • 7 shaft options
  • Larger and more aerodynamic head profile
  • Improved internal rib architecture for a more satisfying sound
  • T9S+ forged face for improved flexibility – This helps create longer, straighter drives
  • Dragonfly Technology created a super light crown and skirt for weight savings 

Overall Impressions:

The PING G400 Max is a great driver for the price, and is a strong contender for best driver of the year. Players all over who have started using this club have all claimed to gaining at least 10-15 yards to their drive in addition to a faster, more smooth swing.

The G400 Max is a great driver for the player who already has a pretty consistent drive, and needs less forgiveness than a most players.  Compared to other drivers on the market, the G400 Max does not have the forgiving features others do.  If you are a less experienced driver who swings inconsistently, I would steer you elsewhere. 

This driver is HIGHLY recommended for any player looking to improve their drive distance.

Find The Lowest Prices On PING G400 Max Drivers

Wilson Staff C300 Driver Review

wilson staff c300 driver review One Stroke Golf

The Wilson Staff C300 is the most revolutionary driver in the Wilson line and is loaded with features. With its Power Hole Technology, the C300 is able to maximize flex and create an expanded sweet spot on the face for explosive distance.

What is Power Hole Technology?  Wilson’s Power Hole Technology design utilizes urethane filled through holes.

These holes are strategically positioned around the face in the crown and sole of the C300. This increases deflection of the face by nearly 14%.

The benefit of the Power Hole Technology is increased ball speeds, greater distance off the tee, and more consistency.

Wilson Staff C300 Driver Shaft

The C300 comes equipped with a Fujikura Speeder PRO 58 shaft with Regular, Stiff and Senior flexes.

The Fujikura Speeder PRO 58 is designed to offer players the most tempo and balance in addition to maximum distance.  The Speeder Pro shafts are made with “tour spec” weights and torque numbers.

With the Fujikura Speeder PRO 58, the Wilson C300 Driver is stocked with a Lamkin Crossline 2 Grip.  The Lamkin Crossline 2 is designed for both maximum comfort and feel.

Wilson Staff C300 Driver Features & Specs

  • Beautiful deep red finish
  • Loft ranges from 8.0 – 11, 9.5 – 12.5, and 11 – 14 depending on the club
  • Utilizes Power Hole Technology  – A first for a Wilson driver
  • Three interchangeable head weights

Overall Impressions:

When you first look at the Wilson C300 driver, you will first be drawn to the very nice deep red color. Wilson’s motto’s for the C300 is “Leave your competition seeing red”, and they certainly knocked the color out of the park.

Wilson utilizes the Power Holes Technology in the C300, which is taken from their irons. This allows for improved consistency in addition to an expanded sweet spot.

The C300’s adjustable head weights help players improve their drive for even further consistency and distance.

Overall, the Wilson is a good contender given the price and what you get.  Wilson isn’t typically in the discussion in top drivers, but the C300 is making a very strong case.

Find The Lowest Prices On Wilson C300 Drivers

Callaway GBB Epic Star Driver Review

Callaway GBB Epic Star Driver

Callaway’s GBB Epic Star driver continues to be one of the best drivers on the market. Upon its release, the Callaway GBB Epic Star was supposed to be a “game changer”.

Based on feedback from players, it most certainly is. 

Callaway is no stranger to designing some of the most advanced drivers, and the Great Big Bertha Epic is no exception.  

The Epic star features Callaway’s Jailbreak technology which utilizes a dual rod setup that extends from the sole to the crown of the driver’s head. This allows for increased forgiveness and helps further improve distance off the tee.

Callaway GBB Epic Star Driver Shafts

The GBB Epic Star comes equipped with a vast array of shaft options. 

In stock configuration, the Mitsubishi Grand Bassara 39 shaft comes standard with either regular or light flex options.

If the standard shaft is not what you’re looking for, the GBB Epic Star has 80 different custom shaft options from makers such as: 

  • Aldila
  • Fujikura
  • Graphite Design
  • Matrix
  • Mitsubishi Chemical 
  • Oban
  • Paderson
  • Project X 
  • UST

This driver offers golfers some of the most shaft customization compared to any on the market. This is certainly a plus for the player looking to maximize their already effective game and take it to the next level. 

In addition to the shaft options, the GBB Epic Star offers 104 grip options. While this may seem trivial to most, serious golfers tend to want more than what comes standard. 

Callaway GBB Epic Star Driver Features & Specs

The Great Big Bertha Epic Star is loaded with features. 

  • 80 custom shaft options
  • Callaway’s Jailbreak Technology for increased distance
  • 10.5 and 12 degree loft
  • More streamlined design for improve aerodynamics 
  • Exo-Cage construction for maximum forgiveness 
  • Light weight (286 gram) design

Overall Impressions:

The Callaway GBB Epic Star is one of the more sophisticated drivers on the market today.  This is no surprise coming from Callaway. 

The Epic Star is built for the golfer who excels in the tee box and is looking to take their drive to the next level.  This driver boasts the ability to improve your distance, no matter how hard your swing is.  The weight setup helps produce a faster swing for those who do not swing hard, and allows the ball to explode off the tee.

The improved design, improved forgiveness, and variety of shaft options are great selling points for this driver.   The Callaway GBB Epic Star is certainly in the discussion for best driver for 2020. 

Find The Lowest Prices On Callaway GBB Epic Star Drivers

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver Review

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver Review - One Stroke Golf

“Don’t adjust. Don’t tinker. Just crush it straight down the middle of the fairway”.  This is the mission statement for the Cleveland Launcher HB. 

On the surface, the Launcher HB driver may look simple. While it’s design is more of a “throwback” than others reviewed, don’t let the basic design fool you. 

The objective of the Launcher HB is to provide beginners and high handicap golfers the ability to hit like a more expensive driver without all the adjustability. This also created Cleveland’s most forgivable driver ever.  

While some players can’t live without adjustable weights on their driver, others don’t want to deal with it.  If you’re one the the latter, this is a great club.

All the weight saved from not having adjustable features all for the weight to be lower and deeper in the head.  This allows for a higher launch and added forgiveness, which most beginners need.

The Launcher HB driver utilizes Cleveland’s Flex-Fin Technology which is designed to compress and decompress the club’s head for explosive contact. The Flex-Fin Technology helps increase ball speed and forgiveness for those 

Cleveland Launcher HB Features & Specs

  • Loft angles of 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees
  • 460cc head 
  • Flex-Fin Technology to help create a more forgiving and explosive drive
  • Low and deep weight to enable high launch and low spin
  • Light weight hosel for improved launch 
  • HiBore head crown for greater distance

Overall Impressions: 

For the cost, the Cleveland Launcher HB is certainly one of the better clubs for beginners and high handicap golfers.  With its simple design, this is the perfect driver to learn and develop your skills then ultimately move on to a more advanced driver. 

Despite its simplicity, the Launcher HB provides beginners with the forgiveness of the more expensive drivers while remaining cost effective. Overall, if you are just starting out and are looking for a driver that provides a great value, it;s going to be hard to beat the Cleveland Launcher HB for the value.

Get The Lowest Price On Cleveland Launcher HB Drivers

Callaway Rogue Driver Review

Callaway Rogue Driver Review One Stroke Golf

The Callaway Rogue Driver utilizes Jailbreak Technology to help increase ball speed and drive distance.  The Rogue is designed with hourglass shaped titanium bars inside the head. These bars are 25% lighter, but despite the weight savings, they do a phenomenal job of keeping the club’s crown and sole stiff. 

Having a stiffer body allows the Rogue to take on a greater impact load. This helps increase ball speed off the club and makes the new X-Face much more expansive than older drivers. Callaway created what is called the “Jailbreak Effect”, which is the combination of the X-Face VFT and Jailbreak Technology. 

The Rogue was designed with a Tiaxial Carbon crown to create an all around lighter and stronger club head. The purpose was to redistribute the weight to the head’s perimeter to increase MOI and forgiveness substantially.  The Rogue has the largest triaxial carbon crown that Callaway has ever made.


Callaway Rogue Driver Shafts

Similar to the GBB Epic Star driver, the Rogue comes with a number of shaft options.  There are four standard shafts, two from Aldila, and two from Project X.  

If you are looking for more customization, there are 96 different custom shaft options from makers such as: 

  • Aldila
  • Fujikura
  • Graphite Design
  • Matrix
  • Mitsubishi Chemical 
  • Oban
  • Paderson
  • Project X 
  • UST

This is an increase over the 80 custom options that the GBB Epic Star offers. Just like the GBB Epic Star, the Callaway drivers offer players the the widest variety of custom shaft options. In addition to the shaft options, the Rogue offers 104 grip options. 

The grips include options from:

  •  Callaway 
  • Golf Pride
  • Lamkin
  • Superstroke
  • Winn

Callaway Rogue Driver Features & Specs

The Callaway Rogue driver is loaded with a ton of features. From the external Boeing inspired design to the updated Jailbreak technology that is 25% lighter, the Rogue is a great driver. 

  • Jailbreak Technology for elevated ball speed and distance
  • X-Face VFT Technology 
  • Proprietary Triaxial Carbon Crown 
  • Boeing Aero Package for increased aerodynamics and optimal weight placement
  • 460cc head 
  • Fixed weight in the back of the head that promotes higher launch and increased MOI – This helps improve forgiveness and playability. 

Overall Impressions: 

The Callaway Rogue driver is highly adjustable and priced very competitively for what it offers.  There are a number of great features for this driver that make it one an extreme value for the price. 

With 96 custom shaft and 104 grip options, the Rogue offers players extreme customization when it comes to tailoring your club for your swing style and preferred feel. 

The Rogue offers players a very light head.  With the updated, light weight Jailbreak Technology, Triaxal Carbon Crown, and Boeing Areo Package, the Rogue is one of the faster swinging heads on the market.    

Overall, for the cost, the Rogue is a serious contender for one of the best drivers.  However, if you are more serious golfer who is looking for more customization aside from the shaft or grips, then this driver might not be your choice.  But, if you are a beginner or high handicap player, this is an excellent choice. 

Find The Lowest Price On Callaway Rogue Drivers


Depending on your swing style and current skill level, there is a wide variety of drivers that would be best.  Our review of the best drivers for 2020 include clubs that offer customization, improved aerodynamics for greater swing speed, and increased forgiveness.  Most drivers do a great job of all these traits in addition to utilizing a larger head size than in the past.  So no matter what driver you might decide is best for you, there are no bad choices.  

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