Best Golf Shoes for 2021

Ecco mens golf shoe

Whether you’re picking up golf for the first time or you’re an experienced player, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself constantly frustrated by the endless variety of golf shoes on the market. With so many variations and a high price tags, it’s important that you find a pair that you’ll be satisfied with and that will last countless rounds on the course. Some might even be wondering why you need golf shoes at all – after all, a simple pair of tennis shoes might have been described to you as being more than sufficient.

While it’s true that a simple pair of tennis shoes might be sufficient on some courses, further research shows that having a pair of golf shoes can greatly increase the performance of your game by keeping you stable and combating the elements. A common roadblock that consumers run into is that there are too many options available and they all seem to be marketed the same way. We chose to tackle this problem by giving you a roundup of our personal picks for the ten best golf shoes for 2021. Before we dive into our rankings, it’s important to have a brief idea on what to look for in a golf shoe so that you can make a fully informed decision in regards to what your needs are.

Features to Look for in a Golf Shoe


These days, there are plenty of options and designs on the market that you can work with as the golf shoe is no longer limited to a strictly classic style.

There are a few different options to keep in mind in regards to the style of your shoe. The more traditional golf shoe is durable and tends to last longer due to it being constructed out of leather, but tends to lack breathability at times. The athletic option is good alternative if you prioritize air circulation and suffer from sweaty feet. If you normally play on a course with varied levels of terrain, spiked shoes are good for traction when compared to spike less which are good for dry ground. All of these variations are important to consider as a launching point for your search. 

Stability or Flexibility

The feeling that you want in your underfoot as you wear the shoe is very important, as it determines how comfortable you will be. As a rule of thumb, if you are generally a slower swinger or are getting started, you are better off with a flexible shoe. On the other hand, if you are a powerful swinger, stability is the important factor.


At the end of the day, the price of the shoe is still king when it comes to any purchase decision. When it comes to golf shoes, you will ultimately get what you pay for. The more pricey the shoe, the higher quality it is and the longer lasting it will be. The cheaper the shoe, the greater the chance there is for it to suffer wear and tear and not make a difference in your game at all. 

Top 10 Golf Shoes for 2021

Shoe model Amazon rating Main shoe material Upper material Cleats
Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.6 Synthetic Synthetic Yes
Under Armour Men’s Spieth 3 4.5 Textile, synthetic Synthetic Yes
Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent 2.0 4.6 Synthetic mesh Mesh No
ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 4.7 Leather Yak leather Yes
Sketchers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 4.5 Leather, bottom TPU Leather No
Sketchers Women’s Go Golf Eagle Major 4.6 Synthetic, rubber sole Synthetic, fabric No
PUMA Men’s Ignite NXT 4.6 Textile, synthetic Synthetic No
New Balance NBG2004 4.6 Microfiber leather, synthetic sole Microfiber leather Yes
Footjoy Men’s FJ Flex XP 4.6 Mesh Mesh No
Adidas Men’s Golf Tour 360 Boost 2.0 4.7 Leather Leather Yes

Adidas Tech Response Men’s

If you want a shoe that looks fashionable and also embraces comfort, look no further than the Adidas Tech Response Cleated shoes. It’s a pair of cleated shoes that give you a combination of traction, breathability and comfort, all in one. If you’re a golfer that walks 18 holes on a regular basis, this golf shoe will play a major role in reducing any soreness throughout your feet.

When you wear these shoes, you can move throughout the golf course with ease; regardless of whether you’re on the rough or fairway. Because of the 6-spike cleats under the sole and thintech low-profile technology, it gives you excellent levels of stability. The cleats are also removable if you ever find yourself needing to replace them.

The shoes have a synthetic upper as well as a lightweight mesh, which increases the comfort. The inner part of the shoe also contains an insole made of soft EVA foam, which increases the cushioning and comfort aspects.

The shoe comes in a grey color with some white trimming to provide a basic, yet clean look. You can also purchase it in black and white.


  • The comfort levels are very high
  • Lightweight and has a good grip
  • The shoes are wide, so are good as long as you order the right size
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Lack waterproof capabilities
  • Narrow fit

Under Armour Men’s Spieth 3

This is among our best golf shoes for 2021 due to various recent improvements (even though previous versions contained impressive features as well). Thanks to the input of three-time world champion Jordan Spieth, the shoe incorporates many premium ideas and improvements over its predecessor and competition. 

One of the advantages of this golf shoe is a Clarino microfiber build that makes this shoe lightweight and breathable. These shoes also feature a waterproof membrane to keep you dry in wet conditions. The upper is also greatly designed, featuring a lightweight mesh type. This makes the shoe have a better feel, as well as a more attractive look.

The shoe is primarily made from soft microfiber and UA Smart Woven technology so the shoe can adapt to the shape of your foot with ease. The Spieth 3 has an even lower profile and UA Rotational Resistance technology. which increase your stability. The Softspike Silver Tornado spikes create a  high amount of horizontal traction. 

The integrated lacing system locks your foot in place. In addition, there is also an EVA foam insole that increases your comfort levels on the course. If you’re looking for a comfortable, top performing, waterproof golf shoe, look nor further. 


  • The shoe is waterproof
  • The EVA insole increases your comfort when you need it
  • The shoe is lightweight
  • The upper is UA Smart Weave, which is breathable


  • It needs you to break in before it becomes comfortable
  • The shoe is hard to clean

Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent 2.0

This is seen as one of the best spikeless golf shoes you can get, the Callaway brand is very strong around the world and this shoe does not disappoint. The Balboa Vent 2.0 promote shoe engineering to increase the stability and comfort to your feet while on and off the course.

They have a spikeless design which makes them different in their approach compared to the shoes that have spikes. The spike less design may not seem like much, but it increases comfort and decreases the overall weight of the shoe.

Thanks to the synthetic mesh, you have greater comfort levels (even more than the other shoes on the list), and you will not need to complain much about your feet feeling hot and sweaty. The shoe is also durable, as the outsole does its best to reduce the rate of wear and tear as it is made of Dura-rubber.

Inside the shoe, you will also experience high levels of comfort due to the ultra-soft EVA midsole, which prevents your feet from cramping.

Because it is among the best golf shoes for wide feet, many wearers will have no trouble wearing it. The breathability levels of the shoe are great throughout the year, as the Opti-vent liner is great in heat management. However, that does not make it waterproof because of the mesh design.


  • The brand is instantly recognizable throughout the world
  • The Dura-rubber in the sole helps to maintain high levels of stability and traction
  • The designs are attractive
  • Lightweight
  • Breathability takes priority in the shoe design


  • The mesh material is challenging too clean
  • Not waterproof
  • You need to be careful with the sizing chart, to prevent purchasing a wrongly-sized shoe

ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3

The Hybrid 3 is a classic top rated golf shoe that fulfills all the requirements of an avid golfer and someone who is just starting out in the game. Its construction combines both synthetic material and genuine Yak leather, giving it a comfortable and soft feel. In addition, the sole goes through a perfect design, which fits a human foot very well.

GORE-TEX is built into this shoe in order to assure 100% waterproof protection in all conditions. Meanwhile, the Biom Natural Motion technology gets the player closer to the ground with anatomical support.

Zarma-Tour spike traction will keep you stable and planted when you’re hitting bombs off the tee. This shoe is all time top performing golf shoe that isn’t lacking in any area. With that comes a higher price tag but they are worth the additional costs.


  • The Yak leather upper is comfortable to wear
  • It fits your foot perfectly
  • It has great levels of ground feedback
  • Waterproof with GORE-TEX
  • You can have several options for colors


  • It has half sizes and does not have width
  • It can run small if you are not careful with the sizing
  • Pricey

Sketchers Men’s Performance Go Golf Elite 3

This shoe is created for performance and stability. Thanks to the main shoe material being waterproof leather, you are guaranteed that it will be ready for those rainy days on the course. It also has a firmer stance that enables you to increase your stability, thanks to the bottom plate made of TPU material.

The upper is waterproof and is breathable due to the perforation accents, allowing you to put your focus on subsequent swings. It enables you to maintain your composure on the grass, while the variety of styles enables you to have an individualistic look.

The bottom plate, made of TPU bottom plate increases the firmness. However, beware that this will increase the weight of the shoe. That is not necessarily a bad thing though, as the sole increases the durability and firmness. The low drop design also helps in maintaining stability. The shoe has a better adaptation ability to your feet that leads to increased comfort. The aspects of support and stability are not neglected either.

Even though the shoe is greatly designed, it does not mean it is too expensive to buy. It comes in a fair price, and makes it a great option to consider.


  • The bottom plate that increases stability
  • The color variety is large and impressive
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • The upper is durable and comfortable


  • The shoe is slightly heavy
  • The toe box is narrow

Sketchers Women’s Go Golf Eagle Major

If you are a woman and are looking to boost your comfort without sacrificing style, this is the shoe for you. Its design promotes style, breathability, and comfort all in a lightweight package. 

As the cushioning system is primarily comprised of 5gen and Goga Max insole, it increases the cushioning on your feet as you walk through. The upper mesh is also impressively designed and allows your feet to breathe, enabling you to maintain your coolness even under pressure.

Similar to the Sketchers Performance Go Golf Elite, the sole is made from TPU that increases your traction and stability on the ground. They also inflict little damage on the golf course. The overall design aims to become a choice of comfort for pro players and beginners alike, and the wide range of colors you can select is also a plus (their designs are beautiful).

The shoe is additionally water resistant to protect your feet from minor wet conditions. This protects you from various conditions, including walking on damp courses. The shoe is spikeless which improves the comfort without any slipping.


  • The Goga Max insole and 5gen cushioning offer high levels of comfort
  • The TOU outsole increases your stability in the field
  • The shoe is durable and water resistant
  • Friendly to your wallet in terms of price
  • The color range is impressive


  • It is not completely waterproof
  • You need to be careful with the sizing (it runs ½ size smaller)

PUMA Men’s Ignite NXT

If you are a golf enthusiast, you will probably be familiar with this shoe as it is considered by many to be among the best spikeless golf shoes in the 2021 market. It takes your performance to the next level, and delivers the unexpected in many ways through revolutionary designs and innovative attributes.

The main foam used is Ignite and the frame is designed from PWRFrames, so it does its best to give you all the aspects you need in a golf shoes – stability, comfort and breathability, all while being waterproof. In fact, this is a perfect example case of what it means to combine firmness and softness in a performance shoe.

The Ignite foam insole will keep you comfortable on and off the course. The insole always strives to maintain the comfort in your feet, even as it regulates the inner temperatures within the shoe as you wear it.

The materials used in the making are all of premium quality, which makes the shoe among the best in durability. They also do their part to increase its aesthetics with a sleak and fashionable design.

All PUMA shoes are reasonable in their pricing, including the Ignite NXT. When you buy it, you are paying for the premium components, the PWRFrame, Ignite foam, and performance mesh.


  • The cushioning is very comfortable – in fact, among the best on the list
  • Ignite foam for comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • The traction is superior


  • It runs narrow, so be careful about the size

New Balance Men’s NBG2004

If you want the best shoe in terms of traction abilities, this is the perfect choice to make. It is specially built to give you great amounts of stability, even as it does its best to maintain the integrity of the golf course. This is all thanks to the TPU outsole, which promotes firmer positioning and allows you to concentrate on getting improved swings.

The midsole is also doing its part to promote your comfort, since it has a low 10mm drop. This improves your feel on the ground and helps in creating a more natural feel as you move, and always gives the shoes an ‘action-ready’ feel.

If you are looking for some minimalist footwear, or the concept of wearing minimalist shoes is intriguing to you, it satisfies all these criteria. Interestingly, the midsole drop is a feature that is prominent in runner’s shoes, as it gives them great cushioning on the road and track – therefore, this feature will do the same for you on the course.

The upper is resistant to water and also gives some breathability aspects, as it is made from premium microfiber leather. In addition, the shoe has some removable cleats (champ slim-lok), which you can add when you are moving on slippery ground and remove when you do not need them.


  • The cleats are removable and of high quality
  • The shoe design is durable
  • Friendly to the course while remaining comfortable
  • The TPU outsole increases traction
  • The upper is water resistant


  • The color variation is limited
  • Tends to run small

Footjoy Men’s FJ Flex XP

FootJoy is the most popular golf shoe brand in the game for a reason and they continue that reputation with the FJ Flex XP. Its design leans heavily on the fact that it’s made entirely with a waterproof performance mesh.

The shoe is soft and an EVP sole provides comfort. It also has great levels of lateral stability because of the versa-trax outsole which will keep you planted during the downswing and shifting of your weight. This is actually an odd thing considering how the best lightweight golf shoes are made, because manufacturers will normally reduce the rubber and padding when they make these shoes.

Laser sport fit creates a rounded toe to fit all foot shapes for consistent comfort. The spikeless bottom makes it easy to wear these on and off the course. These shoes are the perfect choice for someone who seeks a light spikeless shoe with waterproof materials.


  • It gives very good levels of stability and support
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Breathable, and keeps the feet cool
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof


  • Some report that they are noisy

Adidas Men’s Tour 360 Boost 2.0

Again, Adidas features on the list, and it is not surprising as they have made quality top rated golf shoes and sportswear for years. The Tour 360 model is one of their most popular shoes and the 2.0 in particular, has a great feel and helps you stay comfortable for the entire round.

Even though the Tour 360 has gone through some changes from the original version, it still has a very similar look. The 100% leather shoe is incredibly durable and waterproof so you will never have to worry about going through a round with wet feet.

If you prefer waking on the golf course frequently, then you will likely love the full length boost foam that pads the forefoot and heel. This keeps you energized and boosts comfort for longer periods. They also protect you from fatigue, which can lead to poor play. In addition, advanced dual-density 10-cleat pure motion TPU outsole provides top of line line traction and stability.

The upper sole features full-grain leather and Adidas climaproof tech, making it one of the best waterproof golf shoes. The cleat grips are also great for gripping and they are also replaceable. These shoes come in a variety of color options.


  • Very comfortable and great design
  • Waterproof
  • No slippage, thanks to the cleats
  • Classic look
  • Color options


  • Slimmer fit
  • Tend to be noisy when wet


It was a tough pick, but the ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 is our pick of the day. It is among the best golf shoes on the 2021 list in terms of comfort, stability, durability, fit, performance, and look.  The soft Yak leather provides a comfortable feel and the GORE-TEX protection will keep your feet dry all day. This golf shoe is a little pricier than most but it’s an investment that you won’t regret.