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There are many selections available when it comes to putters, regardless of whether you are buying them in stores or online. One of the many advantages of modern putters is the ability to choose from a wide range in the market, depending on your needs.

This raises a problem though – what putter is best for you, especially when you have no idea on what to look for? In our golf putter review, we take a look at best putters for 2020 and break them down to give you a better idea on what to choose and why. 

What To Consider When Buying A New Putter

  • Playing style

It is important to use a putter that fits well with your playing style, regardless of what others say or suggest.

There are two kinds of putter heads – mallet and blade. Blade putters are common among experienced players, and the weight distribution is between the toe of the blade and the heel. If you play using arching strokes and use your coordination to hit the golf ball in the center of its face, then this is the best putter for you.

Mallet putters are more forgiving if you need some allowance regarding the roll and direction of your hit. They are therefore the most suitable if you are learning the game, or prefer a more freehand approach. If a mallet style putter is not appealing to you though, you can test out a blade putter and see how it works with your stroke.

  • Length

This determines how you set up your hits, as well as your eye positioning and stroke direction. You need to test different length putters and see what it best for you. The standard length for a putter is 32-36 inches. Depending on your swing and height, this standard length might not be the best for you.

  • Balance and weight

This will determine your overall control, and how effectively you stroke. Mallet putters have their weight distributed away from their front, which is more forgiving in terms of movement. Blade putters, on the other hand, have their weight in the front, which is good if your swings are arched.

Top Rated Golf Putters

Now that we have the basics covered, it is time to cover the best golf putters for 2020!

Putter Amazon Rating Design Right / Left Handed Price
TaylorMade Golf Ardmore 3
4.6MalletRFind The Lowest Price
Odyssey 2018 O-Works
4.8MalletRFind The Lowest Price
Wilson Staff 8802 Milled4.6BladeR/LFind The Lowest Price
Cleveland Golf 2135 Elevado4.6Mallet R

Find The Lowest Price
TalyorMade Golf Prior Generation 4.7Mallet R/LFind The Lowest Price
Evnroll EV2 Mid-Blade5.0Blade R/LFind The Lowest Price
Pinemeadow PGX SL4.5Mallet RFind The Lowest Price
Bettinardi Golf BB565.0Mallet R/LFind The Lowest Price
TaylorMade Big Red Monte Carlo4.9Mallet RFind The Lowest Price
Quolf Golf Two-Way Putter4.4BladeR/LFind The Lowest Price

TaylorMade Golf Ardmore 3 


TaylorMade Golf Ardmore 3 Putter Review - One Stroke Golf

The concept behind the Ardmore 3 is that the red color stands out easily against the green color of the grass, which has shown to help players you with putter alignment. Many putter reviews show that the Ardmore 3 easily stands out. Thanks to the long white lines on the head, as well as the red color, all which help you make correct alignments.

The putter head has a Pure Roll insert, which assists in creating forward motion in the ball when you hit it, and stops the ball from skidding as it moves. Soft aluminum comprises the insert, which makes the resulting hit sound a little hollow instead of sweet. However, the result still remains good, regardless of the sound.

Additionally, you can select between two hosel and among six head types. This will affect the putter balance, so based on your level of play, you have options. 

At the end of the day, the design of the new TaylorMade Ardmore 3 putter is one of the more interesting on the market, even in the selection of colors that inspire confidence. The Ardmore 3 is a great all around putter that can be used by players of all skill levels.


  • Helps a lot in correct alignments
  • Hits the ball smoothly and consistently
  • Very stylish design
  • Durable


  • There is no left handed version

Find The Lowest Price On TaylorMade Admore 3 Putters


Odyssey 2018 O-Works Putter 

Odyssey 2018 O-Works Putter - Best New Putter 2019odyssey o-works 2018 putter review - best putters 2019 - One Stroke Golf

The Odyssey O-Works putter comes comes in two shapes – mallet and blades, as well as colors – red and black, with red taking the spotlight in many golf tours recently. We are going to be covering the mallet version of this putter, which is designed for the intermediate and beginning players.

The main design takes its cues from Micro Face Insert technology, meaning that there is a good roll when you hit the ball. The best part is that the roll remains good, regardless of the contact quality between the ball and putter face – making this putter a good one for a beginner.

Both the technology that is within the face, as well as the club design, make this putter generate instant top spin on the ball upon impact, as the ball moves towards the hole.  The O-Works makes it easy for players to have complete control over the putter. Since the head has a fang shape, that gives great balance throughout the entire shot.

The face itself has a Feel Layer made from Thermoplastic Elastomer, which makes it very soft yet effective when you make your strokes. The putter head additionally has a clearly designed white line, which helps you with alignment when you are setting up your putts.

Based on the design and ease of use, the O-Works mallet putter easily makes the list of to golf putters for 2020. Whether you are an experienced, intermediate, or beginning player, this is the perfect choice for you. The Odyssey O-Works putter head improves ball roll and also ensures you maintain good balance throughout your swing.

Additionally, it is affordably priced compared to many premium putters, so it does its best to appeal to a wide range of people. The O-Works putter is a strong contender for one of the best putters for beginners. 


  • Very good in maintaining balance, and the grip is also good
  • Alignment is very easy
  • Great design
  • Balanced in the face, which helps if you like straight strokes


  • None noted so far

Find The Lowest Price On Odyssey 2018 O-Works Putters


Wilson Staff 8802 Milled Putter 

Wilson Staff 8802 Milled Putter Review - Top Rated Putters 2019 - One Stroke Golf

After taking a look at many of the other putters on this list, you will notice that many are modifying their designs. However, the approach of the Wilson Staff 8802 is a more classic one. In many golf putter reviews, you notice that most manufacturers are making those that have a huge allowance for forgiveness, but this has also compromised the design.

The Wilson Staff 8802 putter gives you a throwback design to the classic golf putter, and it does not have much to do with logos or color. The only added aspect is the small Wilson Staff logo, and that is in a very small corner of the face.

The main feature is the face made from stainless steel, which improves the final look it has. In addition, this gives a lot of feedback when you putt the ball as the feel of the hit is soft due to the double milled face.

If you are a beginner, you might find that this putter does not give you much forgiveness with your putting. However, the intention of buying it is not necessarily that – it is more of comfort when you take hits, and preventing that annoying feeling of the putter fighting against you when you are taking your shots.

The price of the Wilson Staff 8802 is competitive in the market. Even though it may not be the best putter depending on your skill level, it is hard to go back to other putters once you get used to it.

Pro tip: when you use this putter to hit the ball, the best method is setting your hands slightly in the front of the ball, and lean forward slightly. This will help with alignment, as this putter is ‘forward heavy’.


  • Offers both right and left handed models
  • The design is great
  • Very good in balance, and the shaft is responsive


  • It is not the easiest putter to master, especially when you are a beginner

Find The Lowest Price On Wilson Staff 8802 Milled Putters


Cleveland Golf 2135 Elevado

Among the major aspects of this putter is its design. A recent study by Cleveland uncovered that about 80 % of golfers fail to align their eyes directly over the ball when putting. Because of these alignment issues, the alignment of this putter is raised. This matches it to half the size of the golf balls you use.

The overall design is very simple, as it features two fangs, while the head weight is distributed evenly between the two. In addition, it has a singe alignment stripe that which is positioned at the same height as the golf ball’s center.

Why doe this make the list of best golf putters for 2020?  First, it comes in handy if you struggle with putts or when trying to hit the ball in the center of its face. Among the best features it has is the circular groove technology, and this helps you have a true roll of the ball once you hit.

At the end of the day, the biggest benefit of the 2135 Elevado is that it helps promote confidence in your putts, even when you have issues with alignment. When comparing price to other putters on the market,  it has a competitive price point which helps make it easily accessible.


  • Very good grip and design
  • High accuracy, and very forgiving of mistakes
  • Has very smooth strokes
  • Has very balanced strokes


  • None noted so far

Find The Lowest Prices On Cleveland TFI 2135 Elevado Putters

TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation Putter 

TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation (2017) Spider Putter Review - Best putters 2019 - One Stroke Golf 

Just like the earlier TaylorMade putter we reviewed, you cannot deny the unique design this has among the new putters in 2020. In fact, even when you look at it for the first time in the pro shop or online, you will always feel like you have seen it before.

That sense of familiarity is not strange, and it is because of the design. It was initially created for Jason Day, and he has used it before on tour. His endorsement alone already tells you that the putter is of high quality, and that has also translated into several PGA circuit players using it in their game. Even though the red color is not for everyone, it still maintains a flawless and interesting look.

There is one disappointment though in the design – the alignment line that you would expect at the top of the club head is missing, so it may be hard to use for beginners.

The softness the putter has is undeniable – while it does let you know you have hit the ball thanks to the sound it makes, it still has a soft impact that is highly comfortable. In addition to that, there is a moment of inertia on the ball, making it twist less when you hit it poorly. Because of this, the putter is more forgiving when you make mistakes hitting the ball compared to others.

The TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation putter has a notably great sense of balance, thanks to the weights that are located and distributed within the heel and toe. You will also produce perfect rolls because of the aluminum insert on the putter’s face. Based on these features this putter makes for a great option if you are looking to get more consistent with those longer putts.

While this putter comes at a premium price,  you will not regret the investment. The price is reflective of this being one of the best putters currently on the market. In addition, it has both left and right hand options, so that is good news if you are seeking a good choice and happen to be a left-handed player.


  • Very good in balance and design
  • Has a great feel when you hit the ball, due to the aluminum insert
  • Smooth strokes


  • The lack of alignment line makes it challenging to play with

Find The Lowest Price On TaylorMade Prior Generation Putters


Evnroll ER2 Mid Blade golf putter

While this might be an unfamiliar name to may golfers, our research shows why it should be considered to be on the list of best putters for 2020. In fact, it has long been running under the guidance of Guerin Rife, the principal owner and designer of the club, and the major selling point of the club is the face mill pattern.

The face milling on the putter gives it enhanced performance, particularly in the case of when your putts are off center. Because of the technology used, any off-center putt moves the same distance and in a similar way to on-center ones because of the positive transfer of energy.  This makes this putter one of the most forgiving on the market despite its a blade-like design.

The Evnroll ER2 Mid Blade putter is comprised of 303 Stainless steel, which is hand-finished in California. To assist you with alignment and general set-up of your shots, there is a single white line; and the moment of inertia is also high. As we did these golf putter reviews, we also saw that the general design of the putter is attractive.

Even though the putter is new compared to the other putters on this list, it still gives impressive levels of performance. It might be too early to say with definite knowledge that it will take off, but it is a good choice if you are willing to try a new putter, as it has a bunch of surprises. If you are looking to test the waters with something new, this is the best putter for you.


  • Very good build quality (in fact, it is among the best on the list)
  • Has very good feel and balance, giving you good control and accuracy
  • Very high levels of consistency in performance


  • None noted so far

Find The Lowest Price On Evnroll ER2 Mid Blade Putters


Pinemeadow PGX SL Putter 

Pinemeadow PGX SL Putter Review - Best Putters 2019 for seniors - One Stroke Golf
It is understandable that you are constantly searching for that putter that is ergonomically designed, and makes your experience enjoyable – which the PGX fulfills.

It has the combination of polyurethane and fiber layers, which make it both comfortable and rigid enough for use longterm. The alignment system is also impressive, and assists you to maintain your accuracy form the beginning of your set-up until when you hit the ball. This is aided extensively by the ‘plumber neck’ hosel, which is offset and helps you accurately hit the ball.

Balance is also at its best here – the putter is designed to fit your height, and you can also adjust it when you need to. In addition, the packaging comes with a head cover, which protects it when not in use.

Overall, the Pinemeadow PGX SL putter is one of the best putters for older player because of the great price point and performance it provides.


  • The balance and adjustments are very good
  • Gives you great levels of control over the ball
  • The handle is very comfortable
  • Great in helping with lining


  • Has issues with durability

Find The Lowest Price On Pinemeadow PGX SL Putters

Bettinardi Golf BB56 Putter 

Bettinardi Golf BB56 Putter Review - Best Putters - One Stroke Golf
This happens to contain multiple designs of the putter, which are sure to satisfy your needs regardless of the type of golfer you are. Among the standout features that makes it highly rated is the raised CoG (center of gravity), making your hits feel more solid, and the faster roll-off of the ball from the face of the putter.

Similar to the other top rated putters in 2020, the Bettinardi BB56 putter is comprised of aluminum and stainless steel, giving it some strength yet lightness that is easy to handle. If you have always wanted consistency in your speeds and feel, this is the perfect choice for you. It has a newly added face milling feature that works instantly to improve your efficiency, and helps you get the responsive feel you always want.


  • Has a good feel and great balance
  • Great levels of control over your hits and speed
  • Helps with your accuracy levels


  • None noted so far

Find The Lowest Price On Bettinardi BB56 Putters


TaylorMade Big Red Monte Carlo Putter

TaylorMade Big Red Monte Carlo Putter Review - Top Golf Putters 2019 - One Stroke Golf

There are instances when you will want to shop for a bigger putter, and here is one of the newest putters that fits the bill. What you will learn from reviews is that bigger heads are often more forgiving and help improve your play.

The TaylorMade line of putters have this consideration in mind, and that is why they are widely popular – including the Monte Carlo putter.

The distinguishing feature has to be the head, which is bigger than many putters you find – even the top-notch ones. this serves to increase its stability. that give you an advantage during your game, as you are likely to hole the putts, whether you made a mistake when hitting the ball or not.

The head itself is comprised of foam, which helps it maintain its shape for longer, and also gives it an improved sound and feel compared to previous models. The grip is a rough due to the vertical milling pattern (instead of the horizontal one that gives a smoother grip).


  • Very good distance control and feel
  • The design is elegant
  • Helps you maintain the direction of ball


  • Regardless of the contact quality, has the same sound feedback – leaves you wondering the effectiveness of your hits

Find The Lowest Price On TaylorMade Big Red Monte Carlo Putters


Quolf Golf Two-Way Putter

Quolf Golf Two-Way Putter Review - One Stroke Golf
This is quite the unique pick, as it not only has a very simple design, but if you may not have seen a putter before, you can easily miss it. However, don’t let the appearance fool you – it uses high quality materials and is highly durable, in addition to working well for both left and right handed golfers.

This putter has among the most responsive swings when you decide to use it, and its ease of use makes it a great choice if you are starting off. It is easier to control because of the smaller head size and its lightweight nature. 


  • Very easy to swing and control
  • Works very well for right and left handed people
  • Very responsive
  • Durable build


  • It is not long enough for a taller player
  • It takes time for you to get used to it

Find The Lowest Price On Quolf Golf Two-Way Putters


When selecting your putter for your golf game, your choice will depend on several factors, and you do not need to stick to one style. That said, our choice for the best golf putter of 2020 is the Odyssey 2018 O-Works putter.

This putter is very easy to control and does not let you down in terms of durability. It is also a great choice even when you are starting to play, as the structure is more forgiving of mistakes.