How To Clean Golf Clubs

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As we all know, golf clubs can be quite costly. Because of this, it is important to make sure to take care of them properly. This includes taking the time to clean them to ensure they will last. There are a number of methods used for cleaning golf clubs, but we will explain how to quickly and easily make your golf clubs look new for years to come.

Cleaning Clubs On The Golf Course

For most players, we will have to clean our clubs during our round due to hitting out of a dirty lie or bunker. After hitting in one of these situations, it is recommended to clean the face of the club.

This can be done with a number of inexpensive tools such as a brush. Most golf club brushes typically come with two types of bristles, nylon and metal. The nylon brush is used for simply cleaning off dirty clubs, whereas the metal bristles are used to get dirt out of the groves in the club’s face.

This is done in part to help clean the groves on the  club face which will help ball spin.  If you are hitting a club with a dirty face, you may notice a difference in shot effectiveness where the flight isn’t what you want, or the shot is too low. This is caused by the ball striking a smoother surface than if there were no dirt in the groves.

At Home Golf Club Cleaning

Although we try to keep on top of cleaning our clubs throughout the round, it’s common to have given the clubs the attention they need in effort to get through the round in a timely manner. Because of this, cleaning your clubs at home allows you to take your time and do a better job.

One of the best ways to clean out club faces is by simply using standard dish soap, warm water, and a sponge with a scotch brite pad.  This method is similar to washing your dishes, so anyone can do it.

First, simply dampen your sponge in the warm water and apply the soap. Then, begin cleaning all areas of the club head, especially the face.  If you have dirt that is not coming out as easily as you’d hoped, feel free to use the scotch brite end of the sponge.  As long as you don’t apply too much pressure, you won’t scratch the club.

Once you have gotten the majority of the dirt out of the groves in the face and crevasses in the head, use your typical cleaning brush to get the remainder of the dirt out.

After your club is free of dirt or sand, simply rinse it off then dry it with a clean micro fiber towel.  Note: After you finish wiping the club off, it is important to get them as dry as possible. You do not want to risk moisture on the club turning into rust.

How To Clean Golf Club Grips

Cleaning the face of your club is important, but so is taking care of the grips.  Depending on the material, grips can get quite dirty.  If you’re like most players who play when it’s warmer out, you will at some point get sweat on your grips.

The easiest way to clean grips is just like cleaning the club head face. You can use warm water with a small amount of dish soap and a sponge to get the grips as clean as possible. Once the grips have been cleaned out, simply dry them off with a clean towel.

Cleaning your grips will help prevent premature wear and allow the them to keep their texture. Since your hands get dirty throughout a round, the dirt will accumulate within the grip. Depending on the pattern, this can quickly take a good amount of the texture out of the grip, thus reducing the effectiveness.

How To Clean Golf Clubs
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How To Clean Golf Clubs
Cleaning your Golf Clubs helps improve not only the look, longevity, but performance as well. With a little bit of time and some elbow grease, your golf clubs can look and perform great for years to come. Learn how to clean golf clubs the right way!
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