Best Golf Bags For 2021

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If you a golfer by profession or you just like going out on the golf course for leisure, a proper golf bag is essential to any player’s game.  Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran who is looking for a new bag, there are many options for your preferences and playing style. Today we will be exploring the top rated golf bags for 2021!

A golf bag is essential for every player.  It should allow you to move around while easily transporting your golf equipment. A proper golf bag will have designated pockets for all of the gear that you need throughout a round of golf. Your golf bag should be strong, durable, stylish and lightweight. These needs may be easy to state but not all manufactures will make their bags to fit all these standards. Golf bags are not restricted to keeping your equipment in place; they also protect the clubs and other items from damage.

Both beginners and professional golfers rely on a good bag to make the game convenient. With the right golf bag, you will concentrate more on your golf game and not put so much thought or worry into your belongings. It does not matter if you only own 5 golf clubs, you will need the bag to hold them as well as other accessories you might need on the golf course.  

Golf Bag Buying Guide

There are different types of golf bags made for completely different purposes. There are Sunday bags, hybrids, staff bags, stand bags, and cart bags, and they all serve different functions or needs. A stand bag is convenient for people who like to walk while playing the game while a Sunday bag is lightweight and meant for fewer clubs. The best stand bag should be light, yet able to hold all your accessories.

Before you decide on the type of bag you want, you should consider several things.

  • The strap and hooks

If you are carrying your bag throughout the round, you want to ensure it is comfortable and does not strain your shoulder or back. The ideal strap should be well padded, wide, and have plenty of extra room for adjustment to your comfort. Ensure there is a hook for a towel and a tag for your umbrella in case you run into a change of weather.

  • Club dividers and pockets

Club dividers keep your equipment, especially the clubs from smashing into each other. It is very useful when arranging the clubs. It also makes it easier for you to pick the right club and you won’t have to struggle to clump them all in one opening and have others stuck midway.

Having many pockets on the side and front of the bag will help you stay more organized. The accessory pockets enable you to place extra items like sunglasses, your phone, an umbrella or just anything you may need while you are on the course. The best golf bags with coolers will allow you to store water or other drinks to help keep you cool and hydrated during the round.

  • Weight

If the bag is super heavy, you will not be able to carry it around the course. Find a bag that is sturdy enough to store your equipment and last you, as well as being lightweight. The best carry bags are extremely light but if you want to sacrifice the number of pockets you will get then it will be pretty convenient for you. Also, keep in mind that most light bags will not stay strong and sturdy for a long time.

Check out the table below for 2021’s top rated golf bags

BagWeight (Pounds)Price
Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Cart Bag5.8
Check Prices
PING 2018 Hoofer Carry Stand Golf Bag8.5Check Prices
Sun Mountain 2019 C-130 Golf Cart Bag8Check Prices
Taylor Made Flextech Crossover Stand Bag5.5Check Prices
Sun Mountain Golf 2018 4.5 14-Way Stand Golf Bag6.4Check Prices
OGIO Cirrus Cart Bag4.4Check Prices
Titleist 14 Way Stand Bag6.4Check Prices
OGIO Gold men’s Silencer Stand Bag5Check Prices
Titleist StaDry Light Stand Bag5.8Check Prices
Precision X Professional Premium Waterproof Golf Bag8.2Check Prices
ProActive Sports Sunday Lightweight Carry Bag1.1Check Prices

Here is a breakdown of the best golf bags in 2021

Bag Boy Golf Chiller Review – Best Golf Cooler Bag

Callaway Golf 2019 Org Golf Bag Review - Best Cooler Golf Bag 2019 - One Stroke GolfBag Boy Chiller Style

The Bag Boy Chiller golf bag is one of the best options on the market for bags with a built in cooler. For the player that enjoys to bring a few beverages on the course with them, this bag should be a considered. 

This model is a cart bag with a simple design and look and it’s available in charcoal/black/white. With the Bag Boy Chiller, you will have all of the features of a proper golf bag with the addition of a high quality, removable cooler 9

Bag Boy Chiller Features

This model has a removable insulated cooler bad that holds six 12-ounce cans to keep you and your playing partners happy all round. The top of the bag has two handles which makes it easier to lift the bag onto a golf cart.

A 14-way golf club organizer will keep all of your clubs separate from each other and easy to access. The individual divider is a selling point because it will keep your grips from rubbing together which can cause premature damage to the grips. Additionally, there is an oversize rubber compartment that is specifically designed to hold your putter with plenty of room to accommodate a larger putter grip.

The Bag Boy Chiller bag has nine total pockets including two large pockets and a fleece lined valuables pocket. Finally, this bag features TOP-LOK Technology which is designed to hold your bag firmly in place on a golf cart without blocking any of the pockets which is a convenient feature. 

Bag Boy Chiller Weight & Material

The weight is an important thing you look at when you are choosing a golf bag even if you don’t plan to carry it on the course. The Bag Boy Chiller is 5.4 pounds which is incredibly lightweight for a cart golf bag. The lightweight nature of this golf bag makes it easy to get in and out of your vehicle or carry it through the parking lot.  

This golf bag is made with a durable nylon material which will perform well in all weather conditions and last for a long time. A fleece lined valuables pocket is a great addition because it gives you a secure place to hold your phone, jewelry, or any other personal items that you want to protect. 

The pros

  • Removable cooler
  • It is light weight, easy to carry and handle
  • The dividers go all the way through the bag for better fit
  • It stands straight even when fully loaded
  • TOP-LOK system helps secure the bag to carts
  • Extra umbrella slot
  • Designated putter spot

The cons

  • Very basic design and color options
  • No handle on the body of the bag

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PING New Hoofer Carry Stand Golf Bag Review – Best Golf Stand Bag

PING 2018 Hoofer 14 Carry Stand Golf Bag Review - Top Rated Golf Bags 2019 - One Stroke Golf

For those who have been playing golf for a while, you definitely recognize the Ping Hoofer. Ping is dedicated to producing some of the best golf accessories in the field.  Nobody likes having their clubs in a mess when walking or driving through the course, this is why the Ping Hoofer carry stand golf bag was invented.

If you want to keep your clubs organized in a lightweight bag, get yourself the Ping Hoofer carry stand golf Bag. The PING 2018 Hoofer is one of the best deals on golf stand bags you can get.

Ping Hoofer Style

This golf bag has a unique design and it comes in many modern color combinations with very minimal branding. This bag has a classic stand bag design with all of the features you’d expect and more. It is one of the best stand golf bags on the market.

Ping Hoofer Features

The 11 pockets on the bag allow for plenty of storage for your accessories. These pockets include added storage areas inside of the apparel pocket and a velour lined pocket for your valuables. Also included is a magnetic, top access pocket for small items and a magnetic rangefinder pocket. 

A new back puck design is single strapped for easy carrying all day on the golf course. The strap is connected to the bag with two clips. This allows you to carry the bag in several different ways. Unlike other golf bags, carrying this bag with one back strap is possible and convenient. All you have to do is pop one clip and it adjusts naturally to become the best single strap carry golf bag.

A rain hood is attached on the bag that will help you on two occasions. One, it means that you will not lose the bag. Secondly, the storage space on other parts is not altered.

The top of the bag is separated into five different sections for convenient club storage and retrieval. Having five separate areas makes it easier to organize where each club is kept. 

Ping Hoofer Weight & Material

The new Hoofer is 5.5 lbs which is a very lightweight option for golfers. Having a lightweight bag will take hours of strain off your back and shoulders. This bag is made with 300D polyester which is a durable, long lasting material. 

The pros

  • It is one of the best budget golf stand bags
  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of storage and pockets
  • The straps can be shifted
  • Carrying the bag is easy and painless
  • Sleak design

The cons

  • Some say the legs aren’t durable enough

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Sun Mountain 2021 C-130 Golf Cart Bag Review – Best Overall Cart Bag

Sun Mountain 2019 C-130 Golf Cart Bag Review - Best Golf Bags For 2019 - One Stroke Golf

The Sun Mountain 2021 C-130 is an improved version of the 2020 version, and the best choice for beginners and hobbyists. It is one of the best bangs for the buck push cart golf bag. The manufacturers have created it with full features, a study feel and put it out in the market with a very competitive price.

It is not surprising that professionals and intermediate players use this golf bag. It is easily one of the best cart bags on the market. This new model has been packed with new features that make it even more convenient for any kind of golfer.

Sun Mountain 2021 C-130 Style

The Sun Mountain 2021 C-130 has multiple designs to choose from to suit the preferences and styles of all players. The color options are perfect because they provide a variety for everyone to choose from and create the best looking cart bags in the field. Generally, this golf bag has a great design with plenty of updates.

Sun Mountain 2021 C-130 Features

It has an outstanding 14 club dividers which includes a compartment dedicated to the putter. The improvement has been made to the dividers to make them a true full length and protect the clubs from bumping into each other. The space is big enough to fit in your custom made clubs without having to worry about the damage.

The smart strap system on the Sun Mountain 2020 C-130 allows the attachment of the bag to a riding cart comfortable. The two Velcro straps installed, which are basically used to fasten the golf bag into a cart, prevent the bag from twisting and turning while the cart is in motion. They also prevent the cart straps from interfering with your pockets and preventing usage. The Velcro is strong and seems extremely durable.

It increased the amount of pockets with 13 roomy pockets that are front facing and placed on convenient locations of the bag. Two pockets in the bag have been lined with velour and several other pockets are water resistant. The bag includes a rain hood which is thick and potentially durable; the rain hood can be very useful during bad weather.

The material of the bag may be rugged enough to take a push or two while on the course, but just like other bags you have to take care of it if you want it to last. It is made of multiple layers of fabrics, which makes it strong and sturdy.


  • There are several colors to choose from
  • Pockets are forward facing
  • 13 pockets that have plenty of space
  • The smart strap keeps the bag useful and steady while on the cart


  • It is expensive

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TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag Review – The Best Lightweight Golf Stand Bag

TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Golf Bag Review - One Stroke Golf 

TaylorMade has most definitely caught some attention with their golf bags and marketing campaigns. If you are a big fan of golfing, you might have heard about the brand through player sponsorship. They sponsor some of our favorite players in the game and we can’t ignore the brand.  They also have a reputation of creating the best looking golf staff bags.

TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Style

The TaylorMade Flextech Crossover can simply be described as multipurpose. It is available in a variety of colors which include red; black, Grey/blue, navy blue, white/royal and teal/blue.

These colors give players a variety to choose from making it one of the best women’s cart bags. You will spend a lot of your time trying to look for the perfect colors because Taylor made has gone out of their way to make them all look exceptional.

TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Features

One thing you will notice about the TaylorMade Flextech Crossover is all its comfort features. It has a water bottle pocket which is insulated, a cushioned strap and dual density strap.  This golf bag is great for beginners, intermediates and professionals alike. It does not matter what playing level you are on, it is definitely a good addition for your golfing equipment.

This mid-sized stand bag weighs an incredible 5.5 pounds. It’s somewhat light weight allows easy transportation or movement across the course.  It is easy to carry but can still be used while on a cart. The main pockets are built at the center of the bag to allow for extra storage of your accessories. The cart strap that runs behind the clothing compartment allows you to secure the bag to the cart without causing any block to the other pockets.

The base system of this bag collapses to allow you to stand it easily. It has a total of 10 pockets including a water resistant pocket, a five way top and a sealed valuable pocket.  The 14 dividers allow you to store your golf bugs without clumping them together. Getting a club in and out of the bag is made easier because of the dividers. The large insulated cooler makes this among the best cart golf bag with a cooler.


  • It has 14 full length dividers
  • Contains a dual density
  • best golf bag for drinks cooler
  • Has a micro suede pocket which is water resistant
  • The garment pocket is considerably large


  • Removal Ball pocket is too compressed

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Sun Mountain Golf 2021 2.5 14-Way Stand Golf Bag Review – Best Professional Stand Bag

Sun Mountain Golf 2018 4.5 14-Way Stand Golf Bag Review - One Stroke Golf
The Sun Mountain golf bag is one of the best stand golf bags in the industry because of it’s lightweight nature. It is a light weight stand bag that is built with multiple cart friendly features. The Sun Mountain is no surprise to the regular golfers. Sun mountain bags have been making it to best golf bag reviews for many years.  

Sun Mountain Golf 2021 2.5 14-Way Style

The Sun Mountain Golf 2021 comes in several different basic color combinations so the player can choose which one fits the best for them. This lightweight stand bag is a great choice for any golfer not matter their experience and play style. 

Sun Mountain Golf 2021 2.5 14-Way Features

This golf bag provides a large storage space for your accessories.  The Sun Mountain 2.5 is created with 14 dividers (individual and full length) to keep your accessories and clubs protected and organized. The dividers keep the clubs from clashing with each other or stuck in the middle while you are trying to fit them into the bag.

It has a total of 6 pockets that allow you to carry personal items and other golf accessories instead of clumping them into the large pockets. The pockets that stand out include; full length apparel, as well as multiple accessory and velour lined valuable pockets. The velour that lines pockets is water resistant; this means you can keep your phone and other valuables during bad weather.

An X-Strap dual strap system is installed on the Sun Mountain 2.5 to make it easier to carry. It allows some custom adjustment which makes it even more comfortable. This bag weighs an impressive 4 pounds.


  • High quality construction
  • Very light in weight and easy to transport
  • Affordable price


  • Stability issues in unbalanced areas

Himal Soft Sided Golf Travel Bag Review– Best Golf Club Travel Bag

Himal Soft Sided Golf Travel Bag – Features

The Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag is made with 600D polyester which is a durable material that is sure to protect your clubs when they’re on the move. This bag is large enough to hold any size golf bag along with accessories like shoes, golf balls, or any other gear you’d need. 

The inside of the bag is heavily padded to keep the heads of your golf clubs safe from one place to the next. With this bag, you won’t have to worry about your clubs being damaged on the way to your golf trip. 

Two high quality wheels are placed in the back of the bag in order to make it easy for you to walk with them to your destination. Whether you’re walking through a parking lot, the airport, or a golf club, you will have an easy time with this model. 

The outside of the bag has several handles which are strategically located in key carrying spots. These handles make it comfortable to lift or carry the bag. With the purchase of this bag, Himal provides a satisfaction guarantee. This bag is only offered in black. 


  • Heavily padded
  • Great price
  • Several handles
  • Extra storage
  • Name card


  • Some complaints of durability
  • One color option

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Titleist Golf Jet Black Collection Premium Stand Bag Review – Best Quality Golf Bag

Titleist is considered of the top golf bag manufactures,  and is highly renowned for their quality bags.  Titleist Jet Black Collection Premium Stand Bag is a combination of good quality, style, and expected performance.  This bag organizes all your equipment, is hassle free and light weight. Additionally, it offers you the complete ultimate golfing experience without all the hassle needed for the job.

Titleist Jet Black Collection Premium Stand Bag – Features

One of the first things you will notice is the 5 sectioned, full length dividers. They are meant to keep your clubs safe and minimize any clashing. The dividers are strong and well built so you will not have to worry about the clubs damaging one another. The weight is perfectly distributed in the top cuff that is oval shaped. The cuff shape eliminates any rattling that may occur between the club heads.

The bag is integrated with several grab handles. They are incorporated on the top cuff design and the front of the bag. They make mounting and lifting the bag off the cart easy and convenient. A quilted design on the padding of the bag makes it comfortable on your back.

This golf bag has 7 pockets. Among the pockets are huge garment pockets, two waterproof pockets, a magnetic slip pocket and a velour lined valuable pocket. These multiple pockets come in various designs and allow you to carry everything you need out on the golf course.

The designers of the bag positioned the pockets perfectly to allow easy accessibility while the bag is in use of while you are moving in the golf course.

Titleist Jet Black Collection Premium Stand Bag – Weight

This 6.3 pound bag is light in weight when compared to some other stand bags. The weight does not hinder you from carrying the bag comfortably through the field but it’s not the lightest.


  • It has waterproof zippers
  • The shape provides a perfect balance when you carry it
  • The straps and grab handles make it easy to carry
  • Has multiple waterproof pockets
  • Padded shoulder straps


  • A little heavy

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IZZO Ultra Lite Stand Bag Review – Best Value Stand Bag

The IZZO Ultra Lite Stand Bag is one of the best overall stand bags on the market in terms of value because it is extremely light weight and has top quality features all for less than $100. If you’re looking for a high quality bag that won’t break the bank, this bag is for you. 

Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag – Features


This bag has a simple design with a four way top organization to keep your clubs organized when you’re playing. On the bottom of the main front pocket, there is a SmartGrip handle which makes it easy to lift this bag in or out of the trunk and onto a cart. 

This bag has popular features throughout. An umbrella holder is a great touch and will keep your umbrella secure and ready for a quick change of weather. This bag also features a rain hood that you can tuck away when it’s dry and easily put on if rain rolls in. 

A towel ring ensures that you have a towel at the ready to clean your clubs between shots. Another popular features is the glove holder which will hold onto your glove whenever you decide to take it off and it will be easy to access when you need it again. 

Included in the four pockets is a valuables pocket that will keep your things secure and safe. 

IZZO Ultra Lite Stand Bag – Weight and Material

As the name suggests, this bag is super light. It weighs only 3.2 lbs which makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to walk with a lightweight setup. The bag is made with a high quality 4200 polyester material. 


  • Super light
  • Smart Grip handle
  • Rain hood included
  • Low price


  • Dividers are not full length
  • Only four pockets

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Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Stand Bag Review – Best Waterproof Stand Bag

Titleist StaDry Light Stand Bag Review – Best Waterproof Stand Bag - One Stroke Golf

Titleist has been producing high quality carry golf bags for years and this bag is no exception to the list of those bags . This bag is made of high quality materials and the features are innovative and give out some high standard competition to other manufacturers. In general, the Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Stand Bag is lightweight, high performing and water resistant. It is one of the best waterproof golf cart bag in the business.

Come rain or sunshine; this bag is the ultimate waterproof golf bag. It is designed with high performance waterproof technology that repels water off the bag. You will not have to worry about your equipment or high valued items when it starts to rain. You have a sense of security knowing that everything in the bag will remain dry.

Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Stand Bag – Style

You should not think twice when you are looking for a stylish yet high quality golf bag. This bag has several features that place it ahead of the competition like the pockets, waterproof material and high quality top. The classic Titleist color options give it a perfect look for a professional and friendly match with the logo being the icing on the cake.

Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Stand Bag – Features

The Titleist StaDry Light Stand Bag has a 4 way divide top cuff. It may not be the best but offers some improvement in the removal and replacement of the golf clubs.  In its unique way, the divider prevents any jamming between the golf clubs when you are replacing them. There is also minimal bumping between the club heads and therefore the damage is minimal or unexpected.

The pockets are positioned in a perfect angle to prevent any water from collecting into any part of the bag when it is raining. The zippers are made to be waterproof; they automatically shade the rain water and prevent any kind of entrance and eventually damage to the golf bag.

High grade aluminum legs will ensure that you have a sturdy placement and stance for the lifetime of your golf bag. You no longer have to worry about the legs being damaged. 

An expandable apparel pocket allows you to bring any extras like rain gear, along with you. This premium bag is lightweight, high performance and high quality. It offers you much convenience while you are both on and off the course. 


  • Expandable apparel pocket
  • Aluminum legs
  • Made of waterproof material
  • Premium strap


  • It’s expensive

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Titleist Jet Black Collection Midsize Cart Bag Review  –  Best Staff Bag

Precision X Professional Premium Waterproof Golf Bag Review - One Stroke Golf
The Titleist Jet Black Collection Midsize Cart Bag is one of the best staff bags on the market because of it’s features and high quality, professional look. This bag will cover all the bases you’re looking for when it comes to a staff bag. 

Titleist Jet Black Collection Midsize Cart Bag – Style

The classic Titleist red and black color combination is always a head turner and this bag will do exactly that. When you pull up to the course with this bag, you may be mistaken for a professional golfer. This bag is less bulky than a standard staff bag without sacrificing features.

Titleist Jet Black Collection Midsize Cart Bag – Features

This bag is made from durable materials which means it will last season after season. A tour-designed magnetic valuables pouch will keep all of your gear secure as you play your round. A six way divider gives you plenty of places to out your golf clubs to keep them organized. 

This bag has an impressive 11 pockets so you will have more than enough options for all of your golf gear and accessories. Added interior organization adds another level of organization that isn’t seen in most golf bags. A removable belly panel adds to the customization of this bag.

The premium metal hardware is a staple of Titleist’s and they will be certain to do their job for the lifespan of the golf bag. An easy access top pocket is a great spot for any little items that you need to be able to access quickly, especially when it’s on a cart. 

Titleist Jet Black Collection Midsize Cart Bag – Weight and Materials

This bag is made with a high quality nylon material which lasts a long time and is durable in all weather conditions. Titleist is known for their high quality materials and details and this bag has gone above and beyond. Since it’s a staff bag, it is heavier but that’s to be expected. This bag weighs 8.9 lbs. 


  • 11 pockets
  • Sharp design
  • Six dividers
  • Quality materials


  • It’s expensive

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Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag Review – Best Sunday Bag

ProActive Sports Sunday Lightweight Carry Bag Review

The Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag is the perfect bag to take with you to a par three course for for a leisurely round. This Sunday style bag will hold a couple of clubs and a few pieces of gear all in a high quality and lightweight bag. The stand is the perfect added addition for ease of play.

Chmapkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag – Style

This bag is a simple all black design with white piping to give it a classy and clean look. You’ll be happy carrying this bag because of the combination of it’s look and features. Even though it’s a light Sunday bag, this bag is very sturdy and well put together. 

Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag – Features

The Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag has a handful of awesome features for a small carry bag. Considered to be the lightest golf bag on the market, this bag is rated among the best. You will be able to comfortably hold 6-9 golf clubs in this bag which is plenty for a quick nine holes or a round on a par 3 course. 

The front of this bag has webbing to hold a water bottle in place to keep you hydrated on the golf course. The advanced aluminum bracket legs are sturdy and will keep your bag in place while you’re hitting your shot. The handle on top of the bag makes it easy to pick up and go quickly. 

This bag features a well padded single shoulder strap so that you can throw it over your shoulder and head to your next shot with ease. The padding makes it comfortable to carry. 

The top of the bag is divided into two separate compartments to give you a little separation and organization between your golf clubs. This bag has five pockets which is top notch for a Sunday style golf bag. This gives you plenty of room for the small accessories that you need. 

Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag – Weight and Material

This bag comes in at a an exceptional 1.95 lbs so you can carry it all day without strain. It’s constructed with a high quality 900D polyester oxford material that will last a long time. 


  • Made of high grade polyester
  • It is small and light weight
  • Has aluminum frame
  • 1.95 lbs
  • Five pockets
  • Handle
  • Sturdy construction


  • Not as durable as expected by some

Find The Lowest Price On ProActive Sports Sunday Lightweight Carry Bags


With all of the options on the market today, you need to narrow down what features you’re looking for and what aspects of a golf bag are most important to you. Do you need a bag that’s waterproof? Or one that’s lightweight? 

No matter what golf bag might be best for you, there are plenty of options out there. We hope this list makes your choice easier so you can be comfortable and prepared for anything that the golf course throws at you. 

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